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Trying out the Cameo app while documenting pretty ipheion uniform (froyle mill) and stupid Spring weather.

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Subject: Reset Clock Feedback

[File under: First World Problems. I recently wrote an email to Moviepass about their 24-hour reset clock policy that changed months ago. This is that email. Yes, I included a footnote in a support email.]

Hi there,

I know that you sent out an email about this policy change way back when (and I regret not voicing my opinion then), but  I really wish you’d revert the reset period back to midnight each day, instead of the current 24 hour countdown. This can only impede users like myself* who prefer watching either the last show of the night or the first matinee of the day.

Were I to catch a late show, as I did last night (Under The Skin at 10:45 PM), I would have to forfeit an entire day of potential cinema in order to be able to watch another movie. Even one that showed at, say, 10:40 PM the next day would be beyond my reach through your system. This is so contrary to the “watch more movies in theaters spirit” I thought Moviepass was supposed to encourage that it would be comical if I wasn’t actively trying to watch more movies. Instead, it’s just incredibly frustrating and means that I’ll most likely be spending another night in, instead of going out and engaging in one of my favorite activities with a service that I’m paying $35 dollars a month for.

On the other hand, I did hit a large buck last fall while driving to see Thor: The Dark World. I was fine, but my car took over $5,000 dollars worth of damage. Thankfully, I have good insurance and only had to pay $250 of that, and about as much again for a rental car while mine was in the shop. So perhaps this is your way of preventing me from potentially risking my life again on the road as well as potentially saving me some money. This effort is both noted and appreciated, but I find such lessons are best learned first hand experience, and if I need to be more frugal, then I can always do so by spending less.

Thank you for time, and for, partially, enabling my ongoing love of movies.

Andy Wall

*In fact, I can’t think of a user who this current system would benefit. Did you do research on this? Surveys? I am genuinely curious.


[I have to write a recap email every other night for work. I always try to include little easter eggs, but sometimes I like to get creative with the opening summary.]

I awoke to find myself on a makeshift raft of tightly lashed together tree trunks at twilight as the blue of the ocean that surrounded me drained its color up into the sky until there was only the black of night becoming progressively salted by the light of the stars. I didn’t think to question how I’d gotten here, or why. Staring up, I also dared not move for fear of breaking the silent, mirror-calm surface I was floating upon. I let my mind wander out over the middle ground between the infinity of the cosmos above me and the infinity of the microcosmos below me.
I reached out, and there was only one thought that rang in reply:

“All women have a built-in grain of indestructibility, and men’s task has always been to make them realize it as late as possible.”

– Chris Marker, Sans Soleil

It’s a storm faced cloud, hanging in dystrophy

It’s a cold base clown, laughing at enemies

It’s a rough, wild world, would you please chaperone?